High Quality Medical Stock Images

  • Medical illustration of the bony anatomy of the skull
    Bony anatomy of the skull labelled illustration
  • Sub-fascial breast implant in cross-section
    Sub-fascial breast implant in cross-section
  • Healthy Heart Cross section medical stock image
    Healthy heart in cross-section
  • Stock illustration of breast surgery - Pectoral Fascia suspensory Ligaments
    Breast reconstruction surgery showing pectoral fascia suspensory ligaments
  • Medical Stock image of fetal development week 1
    Fetal development - week 1 stages, labelled

Medical Illustrations by Certified Medical Illustrators

Medical-Artist.net is a new website that provides anatomically accurate medical stock images created by the certified medical illustrators at Medical-Artist.com. Our database of high quality medical illustrations contains only medical illustrations for stock - no photographs. We have been producing custom medical illustrations for clients around the world for many years, however we acknowledge that sometimes a custom medical illustration is not always required, if a suitable stock illustration can be found.

The Next Level of Medical Stock Images

While the prevelance of medical stock images has grown on generic stock image websites the quality has often fallen well below what is required. By using medical illustrations from Medical-Artist.net you have the reassurance of knowing that all of our images were created by certified medical illustrators who have qualified over a number of years through either the US or UK medical illustration certification system and have appropriate professional memberships.

Accessing & Searching Our Medical Stock Images

Currently we are in beta-test of our image database system and we have decided that only registered users may browse and search the database. If you would like to have access to the database of illustrations please complete the form below with all of the necessary details and we will get back to you within one working day.


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